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September 13, 2017updated 18 Sep 2017 12:59pm

As blue wine becomes the next big beverage, here are some other unusual wine alternatives

By Luke Christou

It seems that red and white simply wasn’t cutting it in the world of Instagram’s wine drinkers. However, Gik blue wine is on hand to brighten up your next beverage.

Blue wine took Europe by storm last year. Its popularity led to a ban in the European Union, who deemed that the drink had to be red, white or rosé in order to be sold as wine.

However, Spanish winemakers Gik are set to try their luck in the United States.

Gik created the unusual drink, which looks more like drain cleaner than an alcoholic beverage, to challenge traditions.

While the wine world has yet to recognise blue as the fourth colour of wine, it has managed to catch consumers’ eyes.

Other wine alternatives that flounder wine traditions

Blue wine is undoubtedly one of the weirder wine alternatives.

However, Gik isn’t the first company to have attempted to shake up the wine industry. Here are three other wine alternatives:

Coloured wine

Aside from Gik blue wine, there are now a number of other winemakers attempting to capture the colour-hungry wine market.

While the focus is still on blue wine, PasionBlue Chardonnay has gone a step further, creating a bright green Verdejo that will leave you questioning whether what you’re putting into your body is safe.

Wine ice cream

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to put your glass down to tuck in to your ice cream. Luckily, that nuisance is no more – but only if you live in New York.

Ice cream shop Mercer’s Diary, which has been running in the United States for 60 years, has developed a range of wine ice creams.

Spurred on by their customers, Mercer’s Diary now offer 5 percent ABV Cherry Merlot, Spice, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Riesling, Chocolate Cabernet and Strawberry Sparkling flavour ice creams.

Pet wine

ABC’s Shark Tank has put many weird and wonderful products in the spotlight over the years. Scrub Daddy and Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs both owe their success to the television show.

Another of Shark Tank’s wild creations is Apollo Peak wine. It may sound like any old bottle of supermarket wine, but it’s far from it.

Apollo Peak specialise in wines for your pet, so that they don’t feel left out while you enjoy a glass.

The company sells wines and spirits for both cats and dogs, ranging from a Meowtini to a CharDOGnay.


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