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20th July 2020

With the massive economic downturn brought on by the recent pandemic, many British business owners have their hands full securing new lines of investment and diversifying revenue streams as much as possible. While the obvious solutions include government assistance and cutting expenditure, many have expanded by exploring countries with the most agile responses to the […]

13th July 2020

Healthcare Technology is a growing sector, with an annual value expected to reach $11 billion in the Middle East by 2021, according to the Middle East Medical Devices and Diagnostics Trade Association. But with some investors hesitant to part with funding capital in the uncertain new post Covid-19 world, what is the answer for startups […]

industry 4.0 education

12th July 2020

The format of education has changed, possibly forever, due to the ongoing viral pandemic, with UNESCO reporting that more than 60% of the world’s student population have been negatively impacted by the virus and the follow-on school closures. While teachers have had to quickly amend most of their curricula to an online format, students and […]

2nd July 2020

The question all fintech startups are asking themselves is:”How can we survive and even thrive in the challenging post Covid-19 economy?” Is the answer to bunker down in London or San Francisco or to take up the opportunities on offer in younger countries such as those in the Arabian Gulf? Richard Teng, CEO of Abu […]

Anyone who’s been to the UAE or even seen aerial shots of the country knows how quickly the construction and property markets move there, with high-rise buildings and new developments appearing seemingly overnight. The capital city and largest emirate, Abu Dhabi, is continuing to boom despite Covid-19 putting a halt on sales and even rental […]

21st June 2020

Some 60% of investment funding for startups in the MENA region was given to projects based in the UAE in 2019, according to a report by startup data analysis company Magnitt. Not only is this dominance of the startup capital pot historically the highest in the region, the UAE’s share of the profits is also […]

20th June 2020

It’s been a tough few months for most companies worldwide unless you’re Amazon, and smaller companies in particular, including startups, have certainly been hit harder than larger corporations with multiple safety nets. Startup Genome, a research and policy organisation, conducted a survey of more than 1,000 startups worldwide and found that four out of ten […]

19th June 2020

In the Covid-19 era, it’s no secret that many startups around the world have either completely failed or scaled back to a bare minimum working model in the hopes of battening down the hatches and riding out the storm. The big question in the start-up world is, “Can startups survive this?” And there are a […]