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March 3, 2020updated 02 Mar 2020 10:52am

Apple subsidiary Claris enters low-code market with SMB-targeted Connect

By Lucy Ingham

Claris, a long-running subsidiary of Apple, has launched the much-anticipated Claris Connect, a low-code workflow automation platform targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Designed to help SMBs match the capabilities of larger more highly staffed organisations, Claris Connect enables companies to integrate and automate critical applications, either on-device, on-prem or in the cloud.

This includes a tool that enables users to string together apps with a series of triggers and actions, allowing them to automate processes quickly and without the need for coding skills.

Apps supported by the tool include over 50 third-party offerings at launch, including Box and DocuSign.

Claris Connect also features a host of templates to quickly implement processes such as order processing, IT ticket escalations or marketing lead management.

Claris Connect sees Apple subsidiary take on low-code

The launch of Claris Connect highlights the growing market recognition of low-code as a key area for businesses, particularly those in the SMB space that lack the resources to complete with large enterprises.

Once a fringe part of the software space, low-code products have proliferated rapidly over the past few years, as the potential of automation for productivity collides with a global shortage of skilled coding professionals.

However, the Apple subsidiary appears to be attempting to carve its own unique space in the industry, by providing a friendly, accessible tool for small businesses from a brand that has been providing small business-friendly tools such as FileMaker since the late 80s.

“There have never been any limits on what our developers can create with Claris FileMaker, which is why we are widely deployed by everyone from SMBs to Fortune 100 companies,” said Brad Freitag, CEO of Claris International.

“That said, the speed of digital transformation happening in every industry demands hyper-agility and the ability to go from idea to workflow in minutes. Claris Connect drives this forward.”

The launch represents a key rebrand for Claris, which reverted to its original name in 2019 after being known as FileMaker, after its lead product, for over two decades.

At the same time, Claris acquired Italian startup Stamplay, which appears to provide many of the foundational technologies Claris Connect is built on.

Now the platform, which is available from $99 month, has launched, Claris will be looking to grow its presence in this area, and reclaim its former glory as a leader in the SMB space.

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