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March 11, 2020

MMS and EMS global market hits US$26Bn

By GlobalData Technology

According to new forecasts from leading data and analytics company GlobalData, the combined global market for Enterprise Mobility Software (EMS) and Managed Mobility Services (MMS) reached $26 billion in 2019. The forecast makes a distinction between two separate but intertwined markets. The software side is comprised of revenues for licenses, subscriptions, product maintenance and support. This is divided into four management domains: mobile device management, application management, content management, and telecom expense management. Services are largely provided by mobile operators and IT service providers for provisioning, device management, mobile security, and device life cycle operations.

2019 was the year in which mobile application management software revenues nearly caught up to mobile device management, suggesting a shift in focus up the stack from device management to securing and managing complex applications.

Regional splits for the combined enterprise mobility software and services market are also noteworthy

  • The North American market was at $8 billion in 2019, rising to $18 billion by 2024 with a five-year CAGR of 18%.
  • Western Europe is at about $6 billion today, rising to $17.5 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 23.9%.
  • Asia Pacific was at about $8 billion in 2019, rising to $18.5 billion by 2024, with a five-year CAGR of 18.2%. This implies more up-side opportunity in Western Europe than in North America or Asia Pacific.
  • Emerging markets are lower in revenue but have high growth prospects. For example, the Middle East and Africa is at only $1 billion today, but will rise to $2.3 billion by 2024 with a 16.4% CAGR. Central and Latin America is at about $1.3 billion today, rising to $3 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 18.3%

GlobalData has also divided up the forecast by vertical industry. Growth rates vary: the leaders in terms of five-year CAGR are Travel and Leisure at 27.7%, followed by utilities at 24.5%, and with another five industries (energy, insurance, manufacturing, medical devices and transport/Logistics) all high, i.e. at or above 20%.


As noted, these forecasts make a distinction between EMS and MMS largely provided by operators and IT service providers. MMS (which do not include underlying connectivity) reached $9 billion in 2019 and are expected to rise to $22 billion in 2024 with a CAGR of 19%. But there is a strong relationship between software revenues and services revenues from operators and SIs, which may also resell the software along with additional professional services, managed services, or support options. For example, many operators offer not only EMM but also device lifecycle management services that deal with device procurement, provisioning, kitting, staging, repair and end-of-life management.