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September 20, 2019updated 24 Sep 2019 5:33pm

Generation Hashtag is reshaping the world, says GlobalData

By GlobalData Thematic Research

Generation hashtag describes a demographic of people born between 1991 and 2005.

This unique group covers younger members of the millennial group, as well as older members of Generation Z. It has been postulated that those who reside in this group cannot accept a world without the internet, social media, or smartphones. This is a factor which is changing the way the corporate world works and is forcing companies to evolve.

Ed Thomas, Principal Analyst for Technology Thematic Research at GlobalData, commented:

“Generation Hashtag has already been instrumental in the rise to prominence of companies like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb. These firms disrupted well-established markets by appealing directly to young, tech-savvy consumers and have now established themselves as market leaders. Others will follow in their footsteps as spending power shifts decisively from millennials to Generation Hashtag.”

GlobalData says companies must learn to adapt or risk extinction in the business world.

Generation Hashtag makes up over a quarter of the world’s population and this demographic has a huge influence on the world. This influence will only continue to grow as its members join the working world over the next few years. This breed of consumer demands a more human touch, and they require omnichannel options, personalisation, and convenience.

The key highlights of this report are:

  • Providing information in the sector which has helped numerous companies such as Netflix in their business model
  • Show how companies have taken on this mentality to connect with a younger, dynamic audience
  • The power shift in the working world from millennials to generation hashtag and the effect it has on the world
  • How young people have established themselves as industry leaders following this new trend

This report by GlobalData shares some in-depth and comprehensive information about the generation hashtag demographic which could be instrumental in the world of consumerism and business.

The report ‘Generation Hashtag – Thematic Research’ by GlobalData will allow companies to gain an understanding of this dominating demographic and how to appeal to them. It will show how the generation is reshaping to world and how they have changed the landscape of society and the corporate world.

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