HealthHero acquires MyClinic to expand into Irish telehealth market

By Robert Scammell

HealthHero has acquired rival telehealth company for an undisclosed sum as it continues its ambitious acquisition strategy.

The strategic acquisition gives HealthHero a direct-to-consumer offering in Ireland. Previously it was only able to provide its services, which include video consultations and online repeat prescriptions, via third-party insurance companies and through businesses to their employees.

Dublin-based MyClinic offers a similar suite of services to HealthHero, including video consultations with a range of healthcare professionals such as GPs, therapists and fertility specialists.

The deal will boost HealthHero’s existing customer base of 20 million people and 1,000 businesses in Europe.

The two companies said they share a “holistic approach to healthcare” by offering healthcare services across a range of disciplines.

“The driving force behind MyClinic has always been offering better access to doctors and specialist healthcare advice, so becoming part of the HealthHero team feels like the perfect fit,” said Dr Daniel Clear, co-founder and MD of MyClinic.

“Our own holistic approach to healthcare is reflected in HealthHero’s services, as doctors ourselves, we are pleased that as part of the HeathHero family we will continue to offer effective healthcare support and reach more people than ever across Ireland, with even the most time-poor patients able to access health expertise.”

The deal comes hot off the tails of a record year of growth for the telehealth industry, with lockdown restrictions causing many to turn to virtual consultations.

HealthHero and MyClinic both say they have seen demand for their services surge by around 300% since the start of the pandemic.

Ranjan Singh, co-founder & CEO of HealthHero, said: “There is significant demand for distributed and remote healthcare models in Ireland, where access to primary healthcare can be challenging and unlike the UK is often not free at the point of use.

“HealthHero’s technology platform and existing commercial relationships in combination with MyClinic’s clinical expertise and products will give providers and patients access to a compelling holistic proposition.”

It is the latest in a line of acquisitions made by HealthHero since its launch in August last year. It began with the purchase of Berlin-based telemedicine firm Fernartz. In December HealthHero acquired Doctorlink, which is one of the 11 suppliers chosen by the NHS to provide video consultations during the pandemic.

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