A partnership between technology giant Hitachi and customer identity and access management (CIAM) software provider Ubisecure is introducing vein-based biometrics to customer-facing applications.

The partnership, which was announced today at the Goode Intelligence Identity Summit 2020 London, sees Hitachi integrate its finger vein recognition tech into Ubisecure’s identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) platform.

Known as Hand Gesture Technology, the vein-based solution offers significant advantages over other forms of biometrics for authentication as it does not require specialist technology. Instead, a standard webcam in a PC and laptop can be used to quickly verify a user from a simple hand gesture by reading their vein patterns.

The technology is already being made use of in the banking sector, however the partnership has the potential to accelerate its proliferation into a host of other industries.

Vein-reading technology to speed biometrics as a replacement for passwords

Ubisecure is adding this technology to its IDaaS platform to enable customers to use the system instead of password-based logins, a solution that has the potential to reduce the risk of breaches.

Experts have repeatedly predicted that password use will decline in favour of other more secure authentication methods, such as biometrics, however equipment costs have so far proven a barrier.

The partnership between Hitachi and Ubisecure could prove to be a turning point, as the lack of custom technology will make it far easier to achieve mass adoption.

“For biometrics to be adopted at scale they must be easy-to-use and, preferably, require no additional hardware. In this sense, Hand Gesture Technology is an ideal way of implementing the security and convenience of biometrics without the common deployment challenges,” said Simon Wood, CEO at Ubisecure.

“For this reason, we’re delighted to be able to offer Hitachi’s breakthrough technology to our IDaaS customers.”

“Those of us in the identity industry understand that passwords are not the best authentication method,” added Ravi Ahluwalia, general manager, Security Business Group at Hitachi Europe.

“However, the solutions that have attempted to replace the password also have their shortcomings. This is why we have pioneered Hand Gesture Technology: finger veins are non-replicable and cannot be lost or stolen.”

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