Jolt launches tech skills bootcamp Switch in the UK

By Ellen Daniel

Digital business school Jolt has announced the UK launch of Switch, a bootcamp to equip participants with in-demand tech skills.

The bootcamp, taught by global tech experts, does not require any previous experience in tech and is designed to enable people to “retrain and future-proof their job prospects”.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to widespread job insecurity, with many individuals furloughed or facing unemployment, with 77% of adults surveyed by PWC in 2019 saying they would learn new skills now or completely retrain to improve their future employability.

This comes at a time when remote working has soared, meaning digital skills are more in-demand than ever.

Furthermore, the tech sector currently has a significant skills gap, with a 2019 study by Ceridian and Hanover Research revealing that, for 71% of the director-level and above professionals from the US surveyed, a “rapid technological development and a shortage of skilled talent or a ‘skills gap” was the biggest challenge they faced.

Switch teaches participants sought-after skills including “how to run a lean startup, marketing, product management and operations, financial planning and more”.

The course is designed to help people enter the UK tech sector, which currently employs 2.93 million people, or have the skills to launch their own startup or venture.

“For a huge number of people, the pandemic presents an opportunity to take stock; to look at where they’ve been and where they want to go in their careers. An opportunity many of us may never get again and one that employers and interviewers are going to be looking at going forward. Aside from your education and employment background, future employers will want to know how you spent your time in lockdown,” said Roei Deutsch, co-founder and CEO at Jolt.

“What did you learn? What skills did you acquire? Those candidates who took their careers and futures into their own hands, and were proactive during this reset period, will be the most appealing, most inspirational and ultimately most employable. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.”

Jolt works by allowing participants to choose classes that fit their schedule using the Jolt app. Classes, including those from the likes of Google, Netflix and Tesla executives, are then taught live in small, interactive groups.

Jolt Switch was launched in Israel in 2018, and according to the company, 72% of course graduates joined startups after graduation, and 95% joined larger tech companies.

Participants can either remotely attend five weeks of Jolt Switch classes Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, or can retrain alongside their current job through classes every Monday and Thursday evening for 20 weeks. Both courses cost £2,500 with a £250 deposit.

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