August 28, 2018updated 12 Aug 2019 2:18pm

LiFi world first: Light-powered wireless internet deployed in school

By Lucy Ingham

LiFi, the wireless internet technology that sees data transmitted through light, has been deployed in a school for the first time.

The technology, which was developed in Scotland over the last few years, has been installed in Kyle Academy in Ayr, Scotland as part of a LiFi pilot project.

It features the LiFi-XC system developed by pureLiFi, the company co-founded by LiFi inventor Professor Harald Haas, from the Univsersity of Edinburgh.

This consists of a series of LiFi-enabled LED lightbulbs, which will be installed in the school’s ceiling. These will provide students with internet access via LiFi-XC Stations, receivers plugged into their laptops.

It is hoped that the technology, which offers more bandwidth than conventional WiFi, will reduce network congestion as the school’s data demands grow.

The potential of LiFi technology

LiFi technology could prove essential as bandwidth demands continue to grow. By using light waves it is able to send far more data than radio wave-based WiFi. This makes it a particularly significant technology for use in public spaces, schools and offices,

“LiFi is a transformative technology that will enable the next generation of wireless communications,” said Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi.

“At Kyle Academy, LiFi has enhanced the classroom into a fully connected environment allowing students to have a world of educational tools at their fingertips through light.

The technology is still very young, making this pilot a vital step in its development.

“LiFi was born in Scotland at a TED Global talk that I presented in 2011,” said Haas.

“Seven years later, I am absolutely thrilled to see true LiFi deployed for the first time in a school in Scotland.

“Connectivity has become a basic need to enable prosperity. This world’s first pilot not only offers secure connectivity in a School, but hopefully inspires the next generation to join us in innovating for humanity and prosperity.”

“The students at Kyle Academy are taking part in the early adoption of technology that will someday be in every light and every device connecting everyone and everything,” added Banham.

“This is just the beginning for LiFi, on our journey toward unprecedented data and bandwidth.”

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