PCTEL has filed a patent for an antenna system that includes a Vivaldi antenna element with radiating elements and a slot. The system also includes a signal feed and a conductive strip positioned in a parallel plane. The conductive strip runs parallel to the slot, with one end positioned near the signal feed and the other end near the distal end of the slot. GlobalData’s report on PCTEL gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

According to GlobalData’s company profile on PCTEL, V2V communication antennas was a key innovation area identified from patents. PCTEL's grant share as of June 2023 was 1%. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Antenna system with vivaldi antenna and conductive strip

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO). Credit: PCTEL Inc

A recently filed patent (Publication Number: US20230143858A1) describes an antenna system that includes multiple Vivaldi antenna elements and conductive strips. The system is designed to improve the performance and efficiency of the antennas.

The first claim of the patent describes an antenna system that includes a first Vivaldi antenna element positioned in a first plane. The element consists of first and second radiating elements with a slot between them. A signal feed is electrically coupled across the slot at a specific location. Additionally, a conductive strip is positioned in a second plane parallel to the first plane, running parallel to the slot. The conductive strip extends from a location near the slot to a distal end of the slot.

The second claim further specifies that the width of the slot increases from the first location to a second location, spanning the distal ends of the radiating elements. The width of the conductive strip is wider than the narrowest section of the slot but smaller than the widest section.

The patent also includes claims for a non-conductive support between the first and second planes, with the Vivaldi antenna element and conductive strip coupled to opposite sides of the support. The support includes through holes for electrical coupling between the signal feed and the antenna element.

Another claim introduces a second Vivaldi antenna element positioned in a third plane, perpendicular to the first plane. This element includes a second slot and a second conductive strip in a fourth plane parallel to the third plane. The widths of the slots and conductive strips increase at an exponential rate.

The patent also describes the use of non-conductive supports between the planes, with through holes and notches for electrical connections. The conductive strips include apertures to accommodate the signal feeds.

Overall, the patent presents an antenna system with multiple Vivaldi antenna elements and conductive strips, offering improved performance and efficiency. The system utilizes non-conductive supports and through holes for electrical connections, allowing for effective signal transmission.

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