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June 28, 2017updated 27 Jan 2022 2:20pm

Sanofi is about to explode into the global dermatology market

By GBI Research

Over the next few years Sanofi will go from being an also-ran in the dermatology arena to being a major player, thanks to the performance of a groundbreaking new drug.

In 2016 Sanofi only had two commercially significant marketed products for skin diseases — Allegra and Targocid — which generated $31m and $8m respectively.

These modest revenues meant the company commanded a market share of just 0.27 percent, which made it the 25th placed company in the therapy area.

However, between 2016 and 2023 Sanofi’s revenue from dermatology is forecast to grow by 83.6 percent, peaking at $2.8bn in 2023.

This will make it the fourth largest company in the therapy area, with a market share of 10.3 percent.

Source: GBI Research

Growth driven by Dupixent

In March 2017 Sanofi received approval from the US FDA for Dupixent — the first biologic drug to treat moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis.

It will be marketed by Sanofi and Regeneron, with the majority of the revenue going to Sanofi.

In 2017 Sanofi is forecast to generate $102m from Dupixent, and between 2017 and 2023 this will increase at growth of 154 percent, peaking at $2.75bn in 2023.

With Sanofi’s and Regeneron’s 2023 Dupixent revenues combined, the drug will be the second most commercially successful product in dermatology, with an annual revenue of $3.6bn, trailing behind only Novartis’s Cosentyx.

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