Intelligence Committee holds deepfake hearing / Elon Musk makes E3 appearance / Conservative leadership voting gets underway

By Luke Christou


Good morning, here’s your Thursday morning briefing to set you up for the day ahead. Look out for these three things happening around the world today.

Intelligence Committee holds deepfake hearing

The United States House Intelligence Committee today holds a hearing to discuss the security challenges presented by artificial intelligence.

The session will particularly focus on manipulated media and ‘deepfakes’, pictures and videos altered using machine learning techniques that are difficult to distinguish from real footage.

Deepfake videos have been in the spotlight again after a faked video of Mark Zuckerberg claiming to control “billions of people’s stolen data, all their secrets, their lives, their futures” began circulating on social media. While often harmless, there are fears that deepfake videos could be used to manipulate voters ahead of key political votes, such as the 2020 US presidential election.

The House Intelligence Committee will hear from a number of experts in AI, including University of Maryland professor Danielle Citron and Open AI Policy Director Jack Clark.

The hearing is being held at the House of Representatives in Washington DC, starting at 9am local time (2pm London time).

Elon Musk makes E3 appearance

Elon Musk will make an appearance at E3 today, where he will talk space, cars and video games with Todd Howard, director of Bethesda, the game studio behind series such as Doom, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

It is unclear what the Tesla founder is set to discuss. However, Musk frequently discusses video gaming on Twitter, and is currently searching for game designers to develop games to be played on Tesla’s in-vehicle systems.

According to TechRadar, Musk may be working for the studio in a consulting capacity for the upcoming Starfield game, a sci-fi RPG set in space.

The talk is scheduled for 12pm PT (8pm London time) at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Conservative leadership voting gets underway

The Conservative Party will begin a six-week voting period today in order to determine who will replace Theresa May as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

With 10 candidates in the running, a series of votes will take place in order to reduce this down to two, with results of a final ballot to be announced on 22 July.

May was forced to step down after failing to deliver a Brexit outcome by the March deadline, which has since been extended until October. As well as finding a solution to Brexit, May’s successor will also be tasked with making a final decision on whether Huawei can take part in the development of the UK’s 5G networks, according to the Telegraph.

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