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July 30, 2020updated 29 Mar 2022 6:02am

Why telcos have the leverage to succeed in digital advertising

By GlobalData Technology

The digital advertising ecosystem has become a dynamic and complex matrix of players trying to drive value, including digital companies, ad tech providers, app developers, data specialists, digital publishers, and telecom operators.

While global giants such as Google and Facebook dominate the market, a number of telcos have been increasing their participation in digital advertising in a bid create new revenue streams.

Although their participation is still relatively small, telcos are well positioned to influence the market by leveraging their core strengths.

Telecom operators across the globe are well positioned to participate in the digital advertising market. This is because they can leverage their user insights, mobile expertise, digital analytical tools, and financial resources to provide added-value to both advertisers and publishers.

Telcos can also integrate their premium content portfolios with big data to drive advertising sales. Furthermore, telcos can also benefit by investing in open-architecture advertising platforms and becoming enablers for enterprises, telcos, and other ecosystem players.