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May 10, 2018updated 11 May 2018 3:53pm

How has Trump’s popularity changed during his time in office?

By Rachel Dobbs

In the 15 months since Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, his net approval rating has been the worst in history.

At every stage, Trump has been behind his predecessors in terms of public support, despite his claims that he is widely liked and that his approval rating matched Obama’s.

But how have levels of approval and disapproval changed throughout Trump’s presidency?

Click through the slides below to see how key events have influenced the president’s popularity.


  • A larger version of this visualisation can be found here.
  • Relevant events are in the grey box above the chart.
  • The distance between dates on the x-axis is not linear, it is dependent on the number of events and the degree to which the ratings change.
  • The ratings data used come from FiveThirtyEight. They aggregated results from multiple polls and weighted them to give an estimate of overall approval/disapproval for every day of the Trump presidency. For an updating tracker of Trump’s popularity, and a comparison with other US presidents, please visit the FiveThirtyEight site.