Verdict lists ten of the most popular tweets in big data in November 2019, based on data from GlobalData’s Influencer Platform.

The top tweets were chosen from influencers as tracked by GlobalData’s Influencer Platform, which is based on a scientific process that works on pre-defined parameters. Influencers are selected after a deep analysis of the influencer’s relevance, network strength, engagement, and leading discussions on new and emerging trends.

Top tweets in big data in November 2019

1. Ronald van Loon’s tweet on the bricklaying machine that can transform the construction industry

A top technology influencer, Ronald van Loon shared a video on a bricklaying machine called Sam (semi-automated mason), which could transform the construction industry. Built with an arm jutting out from a cage, the machine reduces manual efforts by picking up bricks, adding mortar, and even placing them accurately in eight to 12 seconds.

Built by Construction Robotics, US, Sam needs a human assistant to start the machine, measure the site, and clean the excess mortar. A human tender, therefore, always follows the machine while it’s at work. Costing nearly half a million dollars, Sam can lay between 800 and 1,200 bricks a day, compared to 300-500 bricks laid through human effort.

Username: Ronald van Loon

Twitter handle: @Ronald_vanLoon

Retweets: 212

Likes: 241

2. Kirk Borne’s tweet on what happens in an internet minute in 2019

Kirk Borne, an astrophysicist and data scientist,shared infographics on what actually happens in a day in data, and in an internet minute in 2019.Following his tweet, the influencer shared the sources detailing the proliferation of data in a day, which is largely influenced by technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and connected devices, and what online activity looked like in a minute in the current year.

The article reported interesting online activity trends in 2019, with massive amounts of data being floated on platforms such as Instagram and Netflix. New categories such as voice-first devices also revealed an increasing trend. However, some parts of the web were either plateauing or shrinking such as Google, Facebook, and emails.

Username: Kirk Borne

Twitter handle: @KirkDBorne

Retweets: 237

Likes: 388

3. AI that can visualise human thoughts

Ronald van Loon tweeted about Japanese scientists having created an artificial intelligence (AI) that can visualise human thoughts. According to a World Economic Forum video shared by the influencer, the software is able to create images of the recollected memories. Still nascent, the technology promises a future where machines can be controlled via words and images and where humans will be able to share images from their dreams.

Username: Ronald van Loon

Twitter handle: @Ronald_vanLoon

Retweets: 137

Likes: 148

4. Marcus’s tweet on how an algorithm can predict the success of a company

A top technology influencer and data scientist, Marcus Borba shared a video by the World Economic Forum, that depicted how an algorithm can decide if a company can be successful or not. The challenge was first thrown by Businessweek to an AI company in 2009 to develop an algorithm that could predict which start-ups would do well in the future. The list included companies such as Spotify, Evernote, and Etsy. Approximately 20% of the companies were reported successful.

Businessweek has then thrown a similar challenge to the AI company to detect at least 50 unknown companies that will be of high valuations in the future.

Username: Marcus Borba

Twitter handle: @marcusborba

Retweets: 135

Likes: 233

5. Kirk Borne’s tweet on the importance of data literacy

A top influencer and data scientist, Kirk Borne shared an article detailing the need for the future generations to be more data literate than to focus on opportunities related to coding. The article, further, stated that AI has the potential to completely wipe out jobs by 2030.

The influencer shared another article highlighting the need to converge big data analytics, cognitive computing, and AI into the teaching and learning curriculum. The article further stated that data literacy has more to do with business today and that it is important to be taught at an early stage, along with other subjects.

Username: Kirk Borne

Twitter handle: @KirDBorne

Retweets: 109

Likes: 220

6. Antonio Grasso’s tweet on embracing data analytics

A top B2B influencer, Antonio Grasso tweeted on the future being all about data analytics. The influencer shared an article explaining how millennials should look at the world and bolster one’s knowledge and understanding of advanced analytics.

The article further listed ten ways in which children can change the world by leveraging data analytics and applying it to different industries.

Username: Antonio Grasso

Twitter handle: @antgrasso

Retweets: 104

Likes: 141

7. KDnuggets lists the core data science skills and hot emerging ones

KDnuggets, a site covering technologies such as analytics, AI, machine learning, data mining, and data science, discusses which data science skills are at the core and which are emerging. The site conducted a poll based on 30 skills, which received approximately 1,500 votes.

The results revealed two main groups -group A, which identified the core skills respondents were competent in, such as machine learning, python, and SQL, among 13 skills, and group B, which identified the emerging skills that the respondents wanted to gain competency in, such as deep learning, Apache Spark, and Hadoop, among 11 skills.

Username: KDnuggets

Twitter handle: @kdnuggets

Retweets: 54

Likes: 101

8. Antonio Grasso’s tweet on DataOps emerging as an independent methodology to build analytical solutions

Digital transformation leader and advisor, Antonio Grasso tweeted about the growing significance of DataOps as an emerging methodology to control the irrepressible data pipelines that exist across most organisations. Companies are latching onto DevOps principles to deliver better codes, and within harder software delivery cycles.

DevOps pioneers such as Google and Amazon are deploying software releases more quickly than ever and even with increased delivery cycles. Bugs and defects seemed to have declined leading to better and faster codes at cheaper cost.

Username: Antonio Grasso

Twitter handle: @antgrasso

Retweets: 98

Likes: 114

9. Mike Quindazzi’s tweet on the growing number of websites

A business development leader, Mike Quindazzi tweeted on the growing number of websites since the first ever published website, the World Wide Web, in 1991. The influencer shared data, which revealed that nearly two million websites came into existence with the entry of Google. The proliferation of vast amounts of data sets has fostered the development of nearly 1.75 billion websites today, with the number looking to grow further in the future.

Username: Mike Quindazzi

Twitter handle: @MikeQuindazzi

Retweets: 52

Likes: 43

10. Antonio Grasso’s tweet on data science

B2B influencer Antonio Grasso tweeted about data science not being a single discipline but an intersection of many. The influencer shared an article in his tweet defining the entire data science process, including framing the problem, collecting data, processing the data, exploring the data, performing an in-depth analysis of the data, and communicating the results for use by businesses and in applications.

Username: Antonio Grasso

Twitter handle: @antgrasso

Retweets: 76

Likes: 87