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May 21, 2020updated 26 May 2020 12:56pm

A century-defining event: Surviving the future normal in Verdict Magazine Issue 3

By Lucy Ingham

Verdict Magazine Issue 3 is now out, and with the coronavirus redefining the world around us, it couldn’t be at a stranger time.

Some 80 years ago, World War II transformed society forever, shaping the development of the next century in thousands, if not millions of different ways. Technology, culture and social norms were all shaped by the event, with the modern world’s foundations firmly entrenched in the conflict.

Now, we are in the midst of an event that will similarly shape the next century. While the circumstances are radically different, the global nature of the coronavirus pandemic, and the upheaval to people’s day-to-day lives, is similar. And as with World War II, the coronavirus will impact aspects of technology, society and culture in a myriad of ways, many of which are impossible to predict at this distance.

We are in the midst of the painful birth of a new, more technological age, and nothing is going to be the same again. And amid the chaos, companies are attempting to adapt; to prepare themselves for what is to come. Because this is not about the new normal – it may not always feel like it, but that is changing on a near daily basis. What we must deal with now is the future normal, and the road there is rocky and deeply uncertain.

In this, the latest issue of Verdict Magazine, we don’t pretend to have all the answers – we haven’t even begun to discover all the questions yet – but we are exploring how things are changing, and what businesses can do to remain afloat in one of the most uncertain and chaotic periods in living memory.

Highlights from Verdict Magazine Issue 3

Transform or Lose: How the Coronavirus is Accelerating Industry 4.0

Verdict Magazine Issue 3: Transform or Lose

Thanks to the coronavirus, industry 4.0’s birth is more painful, brutal and quick than we could have ever expected. Here’s why adoption could be vital to companies’ survival

No Going Back: Will the UK Tech Sector Weather the Covid-19 Storm?

Verdict Magazine Issue 3: UK Tech Sector

Until recently, the UK tech sector had been enjoying an impressive run of success, but the coronavirus has brought dark clouds for the industry

Remote Working, the Future Normal

Verdict Magazine Issue 3 remote workingThe surge in remote working that the coronavirus has forced has prompted a rapid adjustment in the way millions of people do their jobs, but it is also transforming the future of work for good

Shop Local: Coronavirus-Driven Digitisation is Bringing Power to Small Businesses

Verdict magazine Issue 3 shop localSpurred on by the coronavirus, a drive to digital is levelling the playing field for small retail businesses. But can it last?

How the Coronavirus Forced Zoom to Grow Up Fast

verdict magazine issue 3 zoom securityThe coronavirus has catapulted Zoom into the living rooms of hundreds of millions of people. But extra scrutiny of the videoconferencing software has found its security and privacy to be lacking

What Makes Estonia’s Thriving Startup Ecosystem Tick?

verdict magazine issue 3 estonia startup ecosystemEstonia is a small country with big ambitions when it comes to fostering innovative companies. Here’s why the conditions are right for startups to flourish

Verdict magazine issue 3

And much more technology news, analysis and long reads, in the latest issue of Verdict Magazine. Read it now.