Telecoms giant Vodafone and semiconductor company Arm have entered a strategic agreement designed to reduce complexity and costs faced by organisations when implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

The two organisations previously collaborated on Arm’s integrated SIM technology. Integrated SIM chips, which cannot be removed from devices but can be reprogrammed, could soon replace the traditional plastic SIM card.

Integrated SIM chips are important for the development of IoT technology and the latest partnership aims to build on this. It will bring together Vodafone’s IoT global platform and connectivity and Arm’s IoT software and services to provide programmable, connected system on chips, eliminate the need for SIM cards.

Dipesh Patel, president of IoT Services Group at Arm explains how the partnership could help the development of IoT devices by making it easier and cheaper to connect them:

“Fragmentation, security and cost are three limiting factors in IoT, and we believe a strong partner ecosystem is critical in solving these challenges. This partnership will enable global enterprises to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of securely connecting their IoT devices at scale so that they can quickly drive real value and actionable insights from their IoT data through our Pelion IoT platform.”

The integrated SIMs make it possible to remotely manage large numbers of IoT devices, and by removing one step in the supply chain, lowering costs too.

The technology enables remote activation for devices using Narrow Band-IoT and Long Term Evolution for Machines technologies. As the integrated SIM cards can be reprogrammed, the IoT device can be deployed and connected anywhere around the world.

Arm predicts that there will be a trillion connected devices by 2035, and this technology is an important component in achieving that goal.

Stefano Gastaut, IoT Director at Vodafone said:

“Vodafone has been focused on building its global IoT platform & connectivity, to enable the fast deployment of IoT services. Working together with Arm, we will combine the strengths of both companies to benefit our customers and break down the barriers, such as cost and complexity, which are hindering the adoption of IoT for many.”

Joint solutions from Arm and Vodafone will be available in the first quarter of calendar year 2020.