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February 8, 2019updated 27 Jan 2022 1:43pm

Trend for wearable devices should be a wake-up call

By GlobalData Technology

Today’s tech-savvy consumers are after better and faster ways to help them understand themselves and their surroundings. A trend for wearable devices in the UK may offer a solution.

A trend for wearables

The modern consumer is not only more time-constrained and health-conscious than ever before, but he or she pays more attention, and attaches more significance, to their life choices and the products they buy and use daily.

This, in turn, creates a demand for innovative IT solutions that speak to these needs. Consequently, wearable devices that provide users with valuable data-driven personal insights in a speedy and easy manner have become popular in the UK.

UK consumer trend

According to the Q4 2018 global consumer survey by GlobalData, 44% of UK consumers already own or would consider using smart wearable devices to monitor and analyse their daily activities and lifestyles.

This trend should offer producers of wearable products, and the consumer industry more generally, an opportunity to adapt their business models to focus on producing smart devices that enable consumers to monitor their daily activities and take more informed health-driven choices.

UK: Consumers use or would use wearable devices for a variety of purposes

Source: GlobalData’s 2018 Q4 global consumer survey — UK


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