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August 22, 2019

Spectrum auctions will promote 5G and 4G LTE network expansion in Argentina

By GlobalData Technology

Total mobile subscriptions in Argentina will reach 61.3 million by year-end 2019, and will account for 8.4% of the region’s total mobile subscriptions. Over the next five years, mobile operators will add a combined 4.9 million mobile subscribers, bringing Argentina’s total mobile subscriptions to 66.3 million by 2024-end.

4G will account for 60.9% of the total mobile subscriptions in Argentina as of year-end 2019, expanding to 87.8% in 2024. Growth will be mainly supported by the regulator’s plan to expand 4G coverage to 93% of the population by 2024.

To support the increasing coverage of LTE Argentina’s telecom regulator, ENACOM, spectrum tenders in the 700MHz, 1700-2100MHz, and 1800-1900MHz bands, expected for late 2019, and will create opportunities for operators Claro, Movistar, and Personal to reinforce their 4G networks across the country.

GlobalData expects 5G to arrive in mid-2021 to Argentina. While operators already made the firsts 5G trials in the country, the ENACOM completed a study to identify spectrum for 5G and map out the spectrum plan for the next five years but will wait until after the ITU’s WRC-19 conference in October to announce on which bands it will tender for 5G.