Davos 2018 key talking points so far: IT’S SNOWING!

By Jack Rear

Once again, the world’s elite is descending on Davos. The small Swiss town plays host to the annual World Economic Forum.

Of course, being a small Swiss town, and a ski resort at that, Davos also receives a healthy share of snowfall each year. This year, however, the town is being buried under snowfall.

The average snowfall between 1981 and 2010 was 468cm of snowfall per year. However, that number has been in steady decline over the years. Here’s the total snowfall in the town of Davos in January for the past 10 years.

[visualizer id=”144057″]

So far, in January 2018 there has been 253cm of snow, bucking the trend of general decline.

With a long list of dignitaries and political leaders visiting Davos this year though, will the snow get in the way of all the fun?

Well, actually, perhaps the opposite will prove true. The snow has actually put a stop to a planned protest of the World Economic Forum from Switzerland’s Democratic and Green parties.

Both political groups were banned from holding a rally on the streets of Davos by World Economic Forum organisers who cited a lack of space caused by snowfall as the reason the protest could not go ahead.

Originally, political activists planned to protest the arrival of US president Donald Trump who will give the closing speech at this year’s forum.

Those visiting the town have been sharing their reactions to the weather on Twitter. So far, the global elite are really preoccupied with a bit of snow.

Davos attendees are obsessed with the snow:




For those attending Davos this year, remember to wrap up warm. And, just as importantly, ensure you tweet about how snowy it is. Otherwise you may as well have not visited Davos at all.

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