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This article presents a quarterly round-up of the latest trends in the technology industry regarding edtech. It provides an overview of recent developments in edtech-related deals, talent acquisition, and patent filings within the technology industry.

Diverse applications of edtech in technology industry

Edtech is significantly shaping the technology industry, with strategic deals and a suite of innovative patents driving transformative advancements. Notable among these patents is a system facilitating immersive learning experiences by classifying training documents for interactive question-and-answer avatars during application use. Another patent introduces an end-to-end proctoring system for secure online exams, employing various features such as image and audio capturing, face recognition, and occlusion detection.

In addition to these, a patent focuses on augmented reality content with tutorial display, enabling users to seamlessly integrate augmented reality content into their learning experiences. The landscape also includes a patent dedicated to guided dialysis training, providing users with a structured path and machine interaction steps. Furthermore, a comprehensive system for proctoring online exams utilizes recording devices on computing and mobile devices to monitor users and surroundings, ensuring exam integrity.

Acquirers of these patents will benefit from the advancements in edtech technologies and applications. These patents enable the development of immersive learning experiences, secure online examinations, augmented reality content display, guided training and supervision, and effective proctoring systems. By leveraging these technologies, acquirers can enhance their edtech offerings, improve learning outcomes, ensure exam integrity, and provide personalized and interactive educational experiences.

The industry experienced an 11% decline in the number of edtech-related patent applications in Q3 2023 compared with the previous quarter. On an annual basis, the number of edtech-related patent applications in the technology industry witnessed a drop of 8% compared with Q3 2022.

Strategic deal trends in edtech in technology industry

Technology companies are not only focusing on innovation to enhance their patent portfolios but are also making strategic investments in edtech. These investments aim to secure lucrative deals with partners and position themselves at the forefront of industry advancements. Some of the recent deals underscore the importance of edtech in the technology industry.

In Q3 2023, the number of edtech-related deals in the technology industry declined by 30% compared with Q3 2022. On a quarterly basis, there was 16% increase in the number of deals in Q3 2023 compared with the previous quarter.

Impact on hiring

In terms of new job posting, in Q3 2023, the technology industry experienced a 0.49% drop compared with the previous quarter. On an annual basis, job postings also declined by 2%. Notably, computer and mathematical occupations, with a share of 29%, emerged as the top edtech-related job roles within the technology industry in Q3 2023, with new job postings drop by 6% quarter-on-quarter. Management occupations came in second with a share of 12% in Q3 2023, with new job postings dropping by 6% over the previous quarter. The other prominent edtech roles include business and financial operations occupations with a 6% share in Q3 2023, and office and administrative support occupations with a 4% share of new job postings.

TeamViewer, International Business Machines, Campus Management, Blackboard, and Docebo are among the top companies leading in edtech hiring within the technology industry.

Countries driving adoption of edtech in technology industry

The US is the leading country in edtech adoption within the technology industry, boasting the highest number of edtech-related patents, jobs, and deals. Meanwhile, India, China, South Korea and Germany also maintain significant positions in edtech adoption within the technology industry.

In conclusion, Edtech's evolution in the technology sector is propelled by pioneering patents and strategic deals, shaping the industry's landscape. Meanwhile, dynamic job trends underscore the workforce impact, reflecting the ongoing transformation in educational technology.

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