September 25, 2019

Geek+ launches smart factory solution, allowing robots to build themselves

By Luke Christou

In what may be the start of a Terminator-style uprising, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company Geek+ has launched the world’s first smart factory where robots are working to create an endless supply of more robots.

Based in Nanjing, China, the factory makes use of AI and automation algorithms to train its robots to carry out the manufacturing of its products.

Geek+ – a specialist in developing warehousing and manufacturing solutions – claims that all of the company’s robots are now produced entirely by machines in the factory.

How Geek+ robots build themselves

Unmanned, automated vehicles are used to load, unload and move parts around the facility.

Robotic arms, programmable logic controllers, smart cameras and automatic tightening machines are used to piece together the products.

Assembled robots direct themselves to a calibration area for its settings to be adjusted. The robot then carried out a final inspection on itself before moving to a separate area to be packaged and shipped.

Each machine is fitted with an industrial vision system that helps it not only to create products, but fix faults. Likewise, robots are able to communicate with each other and plan their movements to achieve optimal efficiency.

Geek+ has developed the AI-powered Geek+ Production Logistics Management System to control the process. This system connects all parts of the operation, from production to inventory management, which greatly improves traceability and reduces management costs throughout the process.

“A turning point for the entire industry”

The company claims that by automating the production process, it has been able to double its output when compared to traditional methods, with annual production set to exceed 10,000 robots.

Geek+ believes its smart factory solution is ideal in the age of increasingly personalised and limited release products.

“Smart factories will be a turning point for the entire industry as they provide a truly proven alternative to traditional, fixed production and achieve flexible production,” Yong Zheng, CEO of Geek+, said.

“What better way to show the world the value of our solutions than to apply it to our own production? Our Nanjing factory is a window into the future of intelligence logistics and manufacturing.”

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