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August 21, 2017updated 08 Sep 2017 12:24pm

LDN Talks @ Night: the best mind-expanding talks to try out

Everyone loves Ted Talks right?

From talks about discovering the giant squid to Neil Harbisson’s “I listen to colour” speech, to how to power pose, there are thousands of TED talks on the internet for you to learn from and enjoy.

Yet, the actual cost of attending a TED conference is out of reach for most people. To attend the company’s Ted2018 event in Vancouver next year, the cost of a ticket starts at $10,000.

UK startup Funzing saw this and took it upon themselves to democratise the experience of attending a Ted-style event in London.

It’s been running its LDN Talks @ Night events for just over a year now and hosts interesting talks and lectures across the city in different bars.

Instead of being charged over $10,000, the tickets cost an easy £12 or £15, with a drink included.

And if you don’t live in London, don’t worry. The startup recently expanded its Night events to Manchester as it found there was a great interest in the city for the mind-expanding talks.

Adi Cohen, content director at Funzing, told Verdict, that it plans to expand to more cities throughout the UK though he wouldn’t confirm which cities were in the pipeline.

For now, here are some of the best LDN Talks @ Night to attend this year.

1. Ex MI5 Agent talks Russian hacking – 29 August

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the US presidential election last year has been, did Russia help Trump get to the White House?

Former UK intelligence officer Annie Machon will be discussing the saga, whether or not the allegations should be believed and what the global policy implications would be if they proved to be true.

At Battersea Barge

2. Neuroscience of Emotions – 6 September

Emotions rule every decision we make; whether we’re happy, sad, anxious or stressed.

In this talk, neuroscientist and business coach Gabija Toleikyte will be discussing the importance of emotions and how to let them guide you to making the best choices.

At 93 Feet East, Brick Lane 

3. The future of Artificial Intelligence – 13 September

Will AI take all our jobs? Will killer robots overrun the world? Or is it just helpful when it comes to things like strengthening your video connection?

Professor Nick Jennings, from Imperial College London, will be giving a talk on how humans and AI will work together in the future in partnerships.

It is set to be an interesting discussion and might change how you view the super robots of the future.

At Trapeze Bar, Shoreditch 

4. How to remove negative memories – 19 September

Last week, a new study was published in which scientists found a new way to wipe memories from the brains of mice.

This could lead to research into the removal of negative or painful memories in humans.

Clinical hypnotherapist Matt Kendall will be hosting a discussion on this topic in September; discussing the roles the left and right sides of your brain have in memory coding and retrieval, as well as teaching you techniques of how to clear out unwanted and intrusive memories.

At Sink Pong / Blueberry in Shoreditch 

5. Therapeutic Potential of Magic Mushrooms – 18 October

Whilst microdosing LSD seems to be a hot topic for those in startups and Silicon Valley, clinical psychologist Rosalind Watts is researching how to use tripping as treatment instead.

As part of her work in the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College, Watts will be explaining the history of psychedelics as treatments for mental distress as well as what people who have participated in trials at the university have to say about it.

At Café 1001, Brick Lane

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