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October 29, 2021

My.t is the first telco to launch 5G in Mauritius but only in four locations

By GlobalData Technology

In July 2021, the incumbent telco Mauritius Telecom, operating its mobile communication services under the my.t brand, was the first mobile network operator to launch 5G services in Mauritius. All three of the MNOs in Mauritius, my.t, Emtel Mauritius, and MTML, were allocated 5G licenses and 100MHz of spectrum each in the 2.6GHz and 3.5GHz bands in June 2021. While my.t is the first operator to have launched 5G, the other operators have not communicated any plans for their own 5G rollouts.

My.t’s 5G rollout is in the early stages with the 5G network only being available at four locations – Ebene Cybercity, Bagatelle Mall, La City Trainon, and the University of Mauritius. At these locations, customers can access the 5G network if they have 5G phones, 5G SIMs, unlimited mobile data, and have registered for the 5G service. My.t offers both prepaid and postpaid plans with unlimited data allowance. The prepaid unlimited data add-ons are available for weekly, monthly, and 3-monthly periods and range in price from MRs 95 (US$2.37) – MRs 815 (US$20.29). My.t’s postpaid unlimited plans come with the value-added service of a free subscription to the music streaming app Deezer.

With the limited new launch, 5G subscriptions will grow gradually over 2021-2026. The mobile market in Mauritius will be dominated by 4G subscriptions by 2026 as the technology’s share of total mobile subscriptions reaches 47.1%.