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October 6, 2017

McDonald’s to trial McVegan vegan burger in latest attempt to diversify menu

By Luke Christou

McDonald’s is best known for its high fat, artery-clogging burgers. For vegans, there are very few options on the menu.

Fries and salad are the only truly safe options. Hash browns and the veggie burger are also okay if you know what to ask for (no sauce!).

However, McDonald’s is adding another option to its vegan junk food menu.

The fast food chain took to Instagram to announce that they will begin trialling a McVegan burger in their restaurants this week.

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The McVegan contains a 100 percent soy-based patty and comes complete with everything that you need to fill your belly – bun, tomato, salad and that unwanted gherkin.

Likewise, it will also come topped with a new vegan-friendly take on the McFeast burger sauce.

Where can you get the McVegan burger?

The burger will go on sale in Tampere, Finland this week.

Do not fear international vegans – this is just a trial. If demand is high, the McVegan will find its way onto McDonald’s menus everywhere.

McDonald’s has stated that the McVegan will be sold for a limited time only. However, given the popularity of the vegan diet, it seems inevitable that the McVegan will become a permanent item on the menu as McDonald’s looks to diversify.

This isn’t the first time that McDonald’s has added items to its menu that don’t quite fit their target demographic.

The fast food chain teamed up with famed fashion designer Julien Macdonald earlier this year to create a fancy burger to appeal to a more high-class audience.

Macdonald created a luxury burger box to home McDonald’s Signature Collection of limited edition burgers. The box came complete with crystal detailing to go with its classy black and gold print.

By going vegan, McDonald’s is following in the footsteps of fellow fast-fooders Pizza Hut. The pizza chain recently announced that they would begin trialling vegan cheese in the United Kingdom.

Who said veganism had to be a healthy lifestyle choice?

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