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November 28, 2019updated 06 Dec 2019 11:05am

Orange Neva Jet preps customers for new generation of mobile services

By GlobalData Technology

Orange Group recently launched its own-branded 5G smartphone – the Orange Neva Jet.

The launch was done in support of the adoption of 5G mobile services across its European footprint. The Orange Neva Jet will be available this year first on existing (3G, 4G, 4G+) networks in Poland and in other select European markets. These include France, as well as Romania where Orange commercially launched its 5G services at the beginning of November 2019.

Furthermore, in 2020, Orange will be offering the Neva Jet smartphone on its commercial 5G networks across Europe. As well as France and Romania these include Spain, Slovakia and Moldova, as 5G becomes available in these markets.

A glimpse into the 5G Orange Neva Jet quality specs and features

The Orange smartphone runs on the Android Pie OS and comes with a 6.47-inch borderless screen with full HD+ definition. The Neva Jet has integrated AI capabilities for files management, pictures correction, phone resources prioritization and facial recognition. It also boasts an in-display fingerprint scanner; 128GB of RAM as well as a triple camera. The device manufacturer is ZTE.

Pricing and bundling strategies to be decided at the OpCo level

Individual local Orange markets will set the price and bundling structure for the new Neva Jet handset. These will be on a standalone basis by location. However, we do not expect these to be at levels dramatically below currently available premium 5G smartphone models from other vendors. The pricing, along with quality features included in the Neva Jet, is designed to attract early 5G service adopters.

Attracting early 5G adopters vs entry-level segments

Orange is clearly not making a move intended at bringing down 5G smartphone prices. Nor is their intention to expand the 5G addressable market into entry-level segments. This is because the Neva Jet is aimed at providing early 5G adopters with a premium product. It will do this by offering good specs with a relatively reasonable price.

GlobalData Verdict says: Sub-$500 5G smartphones are not available yet and democratization will happen further down the line, perhaps starting from 2020.