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February 6, 2020

Orange Spain’s road to success with convergence as a growth engine

By GlobalData Technology

Orange Spain is the second-largest player in the Spanish telecoms market, right after incumbent Telefonica, with a 2019 subscriber market share of 26.4% in mobile and 25.6% in fixed broadband services.

The telco was the first to introduce Fixed-Mobile Converged (FMC) packages in Spain and it has harnessed the service as a key growth engine to boost mobile postpaid and fixed broadband customer acquisitions.

Source: GlobalData.

Its FMC push was supported by its strategy to massively deploy fibre (FTTH) in the country and further adopt a fibre sharing and co-investment approach. The telco was able to cover 14.8 million Spanish households with fibre by 2019 and targets to increase this number to 18.8 million by 2023.

Furthermore, to better compete in the market, the telco tailored its FMC offers to the different market segments through a multi-brand strategy. The core Orange brand targets the premium market. It offers a premium converged services portfolio, Orange Love, with FMC bundles providing fixed voice, symmetric fibre broadband from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, IPTV and mobile services. The Jazztel sub-brand targets mid-market customers with streamlined FMC bundles offering mobile and fixed broadband and where Orange TV comes as a separate additional option.

In an increasingly price-competitive market, Orange has also been catering to price-sensitive customers through its sub-brand Amena, which provides low-cost mobile and fixed broadband FMC bundles.

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