November 4, 2019updated 05 Nov 2019 12:44pm

Anyline launches “uncheatable” passport scanning system

By Ellen Daniel

Checking the authenticity of the identity chip found inside passports is an important part of security. Fraudsters have been turning their attention to forging biometric chips within passports in recent years and while these chips are difficult to reproduce, they are also difficult to check on-the-go.

Today, software company Anyline announced the launch of an “uncheatable” advanced mobile near field communication (NFC) solution for ID and passport scanning. The Vienna-based company has developed a solution to make it easier for police and security forces to verify the legitimacy of a passport.

The “one-stop-shop technology platform” enables officials to scan digital biometric identity chips using only a smartphone. Authorised Apple and Android devices will be able to scan the ID chips, as well as the physical attributes of ID cards and passports, making it easier and quicker to identify forged documents that lack a valid biometric ID that may initially seem genuine.

This means that police, security forces and border control can increase efficiency when ID or passport scanning, and conduct scans wherever they are rather than needing a dedicated IT system.

Anyline technology is already used by more than 100,000 police officers around the world, with other customers such as the United Nations and the German police also using other Anyline solutions, according to the company.

Previously verification was only possible by checking the machine-readable zone (MRZ) or visual inspection zone of ID documents, rather than NFC chip scanning. This new scanning method adds a new layer of complexity, making it harder to produce counterfeit documents.

Alexander Loidolt, Anyline Enterprise Business Partner said:

“Where Anyline ID Scanning stands above its competitors is our 2-step verification process. All of our major clients in the police have spoken to us about this capability because it gives an extra layer of security. Anyline is giving police and border security an ‘uncheatable’ ID verification tool, right on their smartphone.”

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