Tech giants from Google to IBM are getting revved up over quantum computing for its ability to massively speed up cloud computing systems.

Technological advances in the decades-old quantum science mean its fast becoming quantum reality.

In November IBM announced it had passed a quantum milestone — it has developed a quantum computer that handles 50 qubits, shoring up its quest to achieve quantum supremacy.

Just before that IBM revealed a commercialised 20 qubit cloud system with unheard of levels of superconducting capabilities to entice the best industry and academic minds who will design apps that make use of quantum computing speeds.

Quantum’s advancements in recent years is being driven by making quantum computing accessible through the cloud, providing infrastructure well beyond what individual companies have been able to do within the confines of their own data centres.

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Quantum cloud computing — alongside software development kits, artificial intelligence and machine learning — means tech gurus and data scientists can put quantum algorithms to work in a new generation of software development.

Google is also poised to make its mark on quantum computing through custom-made microprocessors — called tensor processing units — which have been powering its data centres for a few years now.

Tensor processing units are designed for speeding machine learning analytics to make applications more intelligent and intuitive. Google’s microprocessors are said to be up to 30 times faster than a traditional computer central processing units (CPU).

The industry is ready to pivot from quantum science and exploration to commercialisation of the technology — companies should begin looking for quantum computing qualifications now.

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