Verdict lists five of the most popular tweets on blockchain in Q4 2021 based on data from GlobalData’s Technology Influencer Platform.

The top tweets are based on total engagements (likes and retweets) received on tweets from more than 150 blockchain experts tracked by GlobalData’s Technology Influencer platform during the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021.

The most popular tweets on blockchain in Q4 2021: Top five

1. Sam Altman’s tweet on the launch of Worldcoin

Sam Altman, CEO of an artificial intelligence research and deployment company openAI, shared an article on the launch of a collectively owned global cryptocurrency network named Worldcoin. The new cryptocurrency was developed to enable cryptos to be adopted at scale by as many people as possible by distributing a free share of the cryptocurrency. The first challenge to be addressed to enable the distribution of the cryptocurrency is to ensure that people can prove they are human and not a bot, and that they have not yet earned their free share of Worldcoin.

A new device called the Orb was developed to address the challenge. The device can take a picture of a person’s eyes, which is turned into a short numeric code that can be used to check if they have already signed up. The person will get a free share of Worldcoin once the check is done. Field tests are being conducted before the global launch of Worldcoin, the article detailed.

Username: Sam Altman

Twitter handle: @sama

Likes: 4,456

Retweets: 699

2. Changpeng Zhao’s tweet on Binance partnering with MDI Ventures and PT Telkom to establish a crypto exchange platform

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, shared an article on the company partnering with venture capital firm MDI Ventures and telecommunication company PT Telkom to establish a crypto exchange platform. The partnership is the first step in Binance’s aim to increase blockchain usage globally.

The fast technology adoption and economic growth of Indonesia, which has a population of 240 million people, could enable the country to become a leading centre for blockchain ecosystem in Southeast Asia, according to Zhao. Binance will render asset management infrastructure and technology assistance to enable the development of the new exchange platform. The partnership further expands the company’s presence in the country where it has invested in crypto trading platform Tokocrypto.

Username: CZBinance

Twitter handle: @cz_binance

Likes: 2,172

Retweets: 420

3. Dominic Williams’ tweet on Amazon’s server outage impacting dYdX decentralised cryptocurrency exchange

Dominic Williams, founder and chief scientist at not-for-profit organisation DFINITY, shared an article on a server outage at cloud services provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) impacting several websites including Disney+, Amazon’s warehousing operations and the dYdX decentralised exchange. Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts a large number of Ethereum nodes including Bitcoin nodes. Centralised bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance were also affected by the outage.

The dYdX exchange operates on Ethereum for cryptocurrency derivatives and is a decentralised exchange that takes advantage of the decentralised blockchain. It does not have a single point of failure, but some parts of the exchange still depend on centralised services such as AWS. dYdX  stated that it is making efforts towards complete decentralisation of the network and will work on improving the exchange’s protocol.

Username: dom.icp

Twitter handle: @dominic_w

Likes: 339

Retweets: 97

4. Laura Shin’s tweet on crypto adoption by PayPal driving more engagement from cryptocurrency users

Laura Shin, a cryptocurrency journalist and podcaster, shared an interview with Fernandez da Ponte, general manager, blockchain, crypto and digital currencies at financial technology company PayPal, on how the company has witnessed more engagement from cryptocurrency users after the adoption of crypto.

The company has revamped its app to introduce a number of new services including crypto services, incentives, and the option to pay their bills. The app also offers assistance to users who are interested in crypto assets but are not experts on crypto. Furthermore, the app offers a crypto checkout where users can choose their bank account, debit card, credit card, rewards, and crypto balance as a funding instrument. Introducing crypto to a commerce and payments platform provides users with greater utility, according to Ponte.

Username: Laura Shin

Twitter handle: @laurashin

Likes: 105

Retweets: 18

5. Julien Bouteloup’s tweet on the decline in global ranking of Eastern Asia’s cryptocurrency economy

Julien Bouteloup, founder and CEO of crypto trading and investment firm Stake Capital, shared an article on how the global ranking of Eastern Asia’s cryptocurrency economy has declined. Eastern Asia’s market received $590.9bn in cryptocurrencies, which accounted for 14% of transaction value between July 2020 and June 2021 compared to 31% between July 2019 and June 2020.

A major reason behind the decline was China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining due to environmental concerns. Furthermore, the mining revenues of the top 20 mining pools headquartered outside of China have more than doubled since the beginning of 2021, while those based in China have seen their mining proceeds drop by about 50%.

China has also taken other measures such as campaigning against cryptocurrency and issuing official warnings on cryptocurrency-related apps. The country is also planning to launch a blockchain-based central bank digital currency (CBDC) digital yuan making it one of the first governments to create a CBDC. The digital currency is intended to be more user-friendly for senior residents than current mobile payment apps. It has the potential to reduce transaction costs for retailers by removing the requirement for third-party transaction settlement, the article noted.

Username: Julien Bouteloup

Twitter handle: @bneiluj

Likes: 53

Retweets: 7