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May 8, 2019updated 09 May 2019 3:30pm

You know nothing, Sky Go: PS4 update causes streaming misery for Game of Thrones fans

By Robert Scammell

Sky customers using Sky Go on their PlayStation 4 (PS4) have been reporting severe streaming errors following the latest software update. The update comes as HBO smash hit Game of Thrones nears the conclusion of its final season, resulting in heavily disrupted viewing for customers viewing via their gaming console.

The Sky Go PS4 software update 1.0.22 was installed automatically on the 25 April. Since then, Sky Go customers have reported a number of bugs that have made the app “unusable”.

Those watching live TV on Sky Go via the ‘TV from Sky’ app on the PS4 have complained that the coverage cuts out every ten or so minutes.

Customers watching programmes on catch up on the PS4 have also lost coverage every ten or so minutes and are presented with a yellow buffering wheel.

An error message reads: “There’s been a problem maintaining connection to this Video Stream. Please try again later.”

Some also reported that they were unable to log in following the update.

Verdict understands that it is only a small percentage of users that are affected while using Sky Go on the PS4.

Others have also complained about the revamped TV guide that no longer lets customers view programmes showing later.

Verdict has verified that the Sky Go app is experiencing these problems on the PS4.

Many customers have taken to the Sky Community forum and Twitter to share their frustration, with one customer labelling the software bug a “shambles”.

“Sky should have tested the software before releasing it to their paying customers,” wrote another.

Others reiterated that the update should have been properly stress-tested before being rolled out.

Customers can still use other devices, such as a PC or iPad, to access Sky Go.

Sky Go is dark and full of glitches

The Sky Go PS4 error has resulted in many complaints about being unable to watch the final season of Game of Thrones uninterrupted.

The fantasy epic is available to UK users on Sky Atlantic. Episode 3, ‘The Long Night’, drew in a record 17.8 million viewers across all platforms.



The Sky Go update appears to be affecting customers all across the UK using varying internet providers, suggesting that it is a patching issue triggered by the latest software update, rather than a hardware or service provider error.

Sky’s help team has reported that it is aware of the issue and is investigating the cause of the problem. However, a solution is yet to be provided almost two weeks after the software update first sparked problems.

Verdict asked Sky what the cause of the issue is, when customers can expect a fix and whether they can expect a refund.

In response, a Sky spokesperson told Verdict: “We’re sorry some of our customers are experiencing problems while using the ‘TV from Sky’ app on PlayStation 4. We are working to fix the issue as quickly as possible.”

A basic Sky Entertainment subscription costs £27 per month (after a £22 per month introductory offer), plus set up fees. Those with additional bundles, such as Sports and Movies, could be paying upwards of £50 per month.

Customers watching Sky Go on a games console must also pay an additional £5 per month.

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