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March 1, 2019updated 28 May 2021 10:37am

Telcos tap expertise to bring smart cities to fruition

By GlobalData Technology

Telcos are leveraging their know-how to offer smart city solutions while securing new partnerships and developing their revenue potential.

With the assistance of telcos, a number of governments in Africa and the Middle East have begun to design and build smart cities from scratch – or ‘smart-by-design’.

The benefits of building smart cities from scratch are that the infrastructure is designed to provide connectivity and technical solutions from the beginning, rather than updating existing infrastructure or tailoring the smart city solutions to fit existing capabilities.

Smart city solutions: Lusail, Qatar

For example, the northern coastal city of Lusail was developed as a part of Qatar’s national vision 2030 and has a smart and sustainable utility network, control centre, smart buildings, resource utility systems as well as an intelligent transportation system.

Ooredoo, a Doha-based telecommunications company, has worked with Lusail’s real estate development company to optimise Lusail’s fibre network infrastructure. Telcos have also developed the guidelines for smart components and service details, as well as ICT ecosystem management plan and operational plan.

This approach allows telcos to leverage their conceptual, methodological and operational knowledge to offer smart city products, secure partnerships and to bring long-term revenue growth.

Sample new cities built smart-by-design

Source: GlobalData