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April 30, 2019

Bahrain may be first in Africa and the Middle East to launch 5G

By GlobalData Technology

Bahrain’s telcos, with the support of the telecom regulator, are poised to roll-out 5G in the country.

Telecoms Bahrain 2019

The telecom regulator intends to finalise the spectrum allocation and licensing process during April 2019 and could commercially launch 5G services by June 2019, while awaiting 5G device availability.

Batelco signed a partnership agreement with Ericsson in March 2019 and plans to commercially deploy 5G services across the country over the next three years. Previously in May 2017, Batelco conducted the first 5G trial in Bahrain in partnership with Ericsson.

Viva Bahrain, which is also committed to roll-out 5G services across the nation, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with equipment vendor Huawei in February 2019. Earlier in June 2018, it conducted 5G trials and achieved a transmission speed of 1.5Gbps with an aim to commercially launch by June 2019.

GlobalData expects 4G to have the largest technology generation share during the period of 2018-2023. However, GlobalData expects 5G to grow quickly over the next five years:

Mobile subscriptions by technology generation 2018 versus 2023