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December 24, 2021updated 01 Feb 2022 2:32pm

Thailand moving towards 4.0 innovation

By GlobalData Thematic Research

National Telecom (NT), WhiteSpace (WSP), Delta Electronics (Thailand), and Chunghwa Telecom have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for collaboration on a 5G private network in Thailand. The four-party cooperation would support the ‘Thailand 4.0’ advanced manufacturing plan and help the country to adopt 5G enterprise private networks and innovative application services in the Thai market.

In Thailand, National Telecom is a state-owned telecommunications company, which has secured 5G licences to operate frequency bands of 2,100MHz, 2,300MHz and 26GHz, as well as provides a 5G core network. WhiteSpace (WSP) is the leading mobile virtual network service provider while Delta Electronics (Thailand) creates electronic equipment and power systems for telecommunications, medical devices, and industrial automation.

What does this collaboration mean?

This collaboration between Chunghwa Telecom, NT, and The WSP is to deploy a 5G private network at Delta Electronics’ first plant in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate and its main office in Thailand to enable remote collaboration. It will help in assembly training, operation assistance, and visual equipment control. This partnership focuses on addressing the challenges of digital transformation in the post-epidemic period, leveraging Chunghwa Telecom’s rich technology and service best practices to help Thailand. It will also aid Thailand’s government in developing a 5G creative environment to position the country as a leader in industrial renovation and technology invention among ASEAN countries.

For a long time, Chunghwa Telecom has been focusing on forming regional relationships as part of the government’s Southbound policy. It has partnered with telecommunications firms such as Thailand’s National Telecom, Vietnam’s Viettel Group, Singapore’s Singtel, and other cross-border firms. More high-quality Taiwanese partners are also being explored for the new Southbound national team.

Forward-looking Thailand’s digital revolution

Thailand will benefit from this collaboration by speeding up the implementation of innovative 5G applications with technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), information security, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data. With this partnership, Chunghwa Telecom will bring its design and planning expertise to the table. NT will provide the local 5G core network. The WSP will contribute local marketing and operations expertise and collaborate on delivering innovative application services for Delta’s smart factories. In the future, this joint initiative will eventually be extended to Thailand’s local government and manufacturing, tourist, medical, and financial industries.