GlobalData research has found the top companies trending in cybersecurity based on their performance and engagement online.

Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Verdict has named five of the top companies trending in cybersecurity in Q2 2021.

Biggest companies trending in cybersecurity: The top five

1. Alphabet Inc – 1,073 mentions

Google’s parent company Alphabet trended in discussions over a 30-day extension provided by Google’s Project Zero, a team dedicated to finding software security flaws across the Internet, to its customers to fix vulnerabilities before the details are released publicly, a fake cybersecurity company SecuriElite discovered by Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), and details released by Google on the NK malware campaign that targets security researchers.

Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an online security organisation, shared an article about SecuriElite, a Turkey-based software security company, being flagged as fake by Threat Analysis Group (TAG). TAG is a hacking campaign run by Google that looks for potential cyber threats. SecuriElite contained a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) public key, which was hosted on the attacker’s blog and lured users to visit the site. A browser exploit waited on the attacker’s blog to be triggered.

Based in California, US, Alphabet is a holding company that owns and operates a number of companies that offer services and technologies such as mobile operating systems, cloud services, web-based search, and software applications. The company offers cybersecurity solutions through Chronicle, which is now part of the Google Cloud platform. Chronicle offers state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions to enable organisations to protect themselves against cyber threats.

2. – 459 mentions trended in Twitter discussions over security and privacy being incorporated into the company’s Ring video doorbells, the rights for encrypted chat app Wickr being acquired by the company, and tips on using Amazon Sidewalk.

Steve Morgan, the founder of Cybersecurity Ventures, a researcher and publisher of cybersecurity-related market data and insights, shared an article on Amazon incorporating end-to-end data encryption into its Ring video doorbells. The device prioritises privacy and security through the Vulnerability Management Program (VMP), which focuses on finding vulnerabilities and protecting consumer data.

Amazon is a technology company based in Seattle, Washington, US. It provides e-commerce, digital streaming, and cloud computing services. The company’s Information Security division deals with cybersecurity issues including risk assessment, detection of potential intrusion, and protection of data from getting leaked.

3. Cisco Systems – 439 mentions

The prediction of an expected 65,000 ransomware attacks in 2021 made by former Cisco CEO, a survey by Cisco revealing cybersecurity to be the top corporate priorities, and Cisco’s plans to acquire Kenna Security were some of the popular discussions that caused Cisco Systems to trend on Twitter in Q2.

Chuck Brooks, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and subject matter expert on cybersecurity, shared an article on comments made by John Chambers, the former CEO of Cisco, on the expected ransomware attacks in 2021. Chambers stated that companies in the US are expected to be subject to more than 65,000 ransomware attacks this year. He added that each attack can cost the companies about $170,000, making cybersecurity one of the top three issues that need to be addressed.

Cisco Systems is an information technology company headquartered in San Jose, California, US. The company specialises in providing networking hardware and software, telecommunications equipment, technical support, and advanced services. It offers multiple cybersecurity solutions tailor-made to suit the needs of its users such as Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Meraki MX Security, and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP).

4. McAfee – 264 mentions

A warning issued by McAfee about a new phishing scam that leads to identity theft, McAfee’s research revealing that Peloton bike users were being spied on while working out, and a decrease in ransomware attacks as cybercriminals targeted larger organisations were some of the major discussions that made McAfee trend on Twitter during the quarter.

Adam Levin, chairman and founder of Cyberscout, an identity theft protection and incident response solutions provider, shared an article on a new phishing scam that warned people of billing them $300 for protecting against identity theft. The e-mail, claimed to be from McAfee Total Protection, asked users to login to a website to cancel the service by providing personal information. The officials circulated an advisory to ensure people are aware of the scam and provided tips to identify the scam mail.

Based in San Jose, California, US, McAfee is a security software company owned by Intel and is a part of the Intel Security Division. The company develops and provides services such as digital security tools and server devices. Some of its products include IntruShield, McAfee Change Control, McAfee VirusScan, and McAfee Entercept.

5. Palo Alto Networks – 218 mentions

A security bug enabling cyber attackers to infiltrate Palo Alto Network’s Cortex XSOAR security orchestration, automation & response (SOAR) technology, the need to invest in cybersecurity company stocks amidst rising ransomware attacks, and AT&T Cybersecurity expanding its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering by including Palo Alto Networks’ software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technology were some of the major discussions that took place on Twitter on the company in Q2 2021.

Ben Rothke, senior information security manager at Tapad, a marketing technology company, shared an article on a cyber-defence bug that allowed unauthenticated cyber attackers to infiltrate the company’s Cortex XSOAR platform. The bug (CVE-2021-3044) was found by the company and has the capacity to enable a remote cyber attacker to perform unauthorised actions.

Palo Alto Networks is a cybersecurity company based in Santa Clara, California, US. The company provides advanced firewalls and cloud-based offerings to protect organisations from different types of cyberattacks.