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February 19, 2020updated 26 Jun 2020 1:14pm

Top influencers in MaaS in Q4 2019: Companies and individuals to follow

By GlobalData Technology

GlobalData research has found the top mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) influencers based on their performance and engagement online.

Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Verdict has named ten of the most influential people in MaaS on Twitter during Q4 2019.

Biggest influencers in MaaS: The top ten in Q4 2019

1. Cities Today (@Cities_Today)

Cities Today is a leading magazine on urban development, reaching global audiences and leaders. The digital platform provides the latest news on urban mobility and innovation connecting local governments with solutions. It highlights the challenges and opportunities in fields such as safety and security, resource efficiency, mobility, smart technology, and sustainable development.

Twitter followers: 21,040

GlobalData influencer score: 100

2. Smart Mobility (@_SmartMobility)

Smart Mobility or the Smart Mobility Congress (SMC) is a global event for transport, and for innovators leading the urban mobility revolution. It’s a must-attend platform for sector experts and industry practitioners, which showcases new products, services, and projects to tackle urban mobility challenges.

Twitter followers: 4,509

GlobalData influencer score: 87


AUTONOMY, also known as the Autonomy and the Urban Mobility Summit, is an annual event that brings policy leaders and innovators together to discuss the changes and reforms in urban mobility. The event aims at accelerating the pace of transition to sustainable and efficient urban mobility.

Twitter followers: 5,319

GlobalData influencer score: 78

4. Christian Seiberlich (@caduta_massi)

Christian Seiberlich is a senior advisor of Tergloba, which provides consulting in corporate travel and mobility management. He specialises in marketing management, optimisation, sales, negotiation, and mobility-as-a-service, focusing on all strategies related to corporate travel.

Twitter followers: 1,876

GlobalData influencer score: 76

5. Harry Campbell (@TheRideshareGuy)

Harry Campbell is the creator of the Rideshare Guy, which is a blog, YouTube channel, and podcast for Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as gig workers. It is a platform that updates riders on the industry news and provides tips for maximising their income. Harry has offers consulting and marketing to start-ups and F500 companies.

Twitter followers: 7,677

GlobalData influencer score: 73

6. David Zipper (@DavidZipper)

David Zipper is a visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. Here, David focuses on the interplay of technologies and urban mobility policies. He is also a venture capitalist, start-up advocate, and policy researcher. He has contributed to several publications such as the Atlantic, Fats Company, among others and spoken at events. David specialises in areas including transportation data, mobility-as-a-service, public transit, private shared vehicles, and more.

Twitter followers: 2,819

GlobalData influencer score: 73

7. Horace Dediu (@asymco)

Horace Dediu co-founded Micromobility Industries. He has played roles that of a researcher and a development manager at IT firms. Horace is known for his skills in marketing, and developed a theory which explains the theory for purchasing decisions.

Twitter followers: 65,388

GlobalData influencer score: 72

8. Jim McPherson (@SafeSelfDrive)

Jim McPherson is an activist and attorney at the Law Office of James McPherson. With 13 years of experience in practising law, Jim handles individual disputes and cases. He currently researches, writes and presents on laws and policies related to mobility technology, including self-driving cars, privacy, strategy, safety, compliance, and insurance.

Twitter followers: 5,701

GlobalData influencer score: 70

9. Smart City Expo (@SmartCityexpo)

Smart City Expo is the world’s leading event for cities. The event is a collaboration of industry experts, academics, and entrepreneurs for identifying innovation, business opportunities and partnerships towards building better cities.

Twitter followers: 54,077

GlobalData influencer score: 67

10. Boyd Cohen (@boydcohen)

Boyd Cohen is the co-founder of IoMob Tech, a MaaS platform for transit agencies, rail, and cities. It enables transport providers to offer the best mobility services to people. An urban strategist and entrepreneur, Boyd has authored several books such as the Climate Capitalism, the Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur, and Post-capitalist Entrepreneurship.

Twitter followers: 6,125

GlobalData influencer score: 64

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