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July 10, 2017updated 27 Jan 2022 2:18pm

People in the UK are spending less on apps in 2017

By GlobalData Technology

People in the UK are spending less on mobile apps this year than in 2016.

The average spend per month was £1.42 in the second quarter of 2017, down from £1.63 year-on-year, according to a recent GlobalData survey.

Meanwhile, the percentage of consumers actually buying apps has also fallen, with 35 percent of people surveyed said that they bought an app at least once a month, down from 49 percent last year.

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The percentage of young adults (aged 18-34) buying apps, although higher than the UK average, fell from 60 percent to 43 percent year-on-year.

With an app spend of £2.00 per month, the 25-34 age group splashed the cash the most compared to other age demographics.

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