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October 21, 2020

Quinyx acquires workforce optimisation company Widget Brain

By Ellen Daniel

Workforce management technology company Quinyx has announced it is acquiring artificial intelligence workforce optimisation company Widget Brain.

Widget Brain uses AI to optimise and fully automate the labour scheduling process, helping with employee planning and task assignment while taking employee preferences into account. Currently Widget Brain’s technology is used to produce over 450,000 schedules a month.

Quinyx, which provides technology that simplifies “scheduling, time reporting, communication, task management, budgeting and forecasting” hopes that the acquisition of Widget Brain will take its current solutions “to the next level”, with organisations having access to the company’s technology to help reduce labour cost and improve productivity while complying with labour laws.

Quinyx’s clients include McDonald’s, Starbucks, Domino’s, Boots, Benugo, Oatly, London City Airport and Swarovski.

“After several years of partnering with Widget Brain, we saw the benefits of a deeper integration of the company’s disruptive and forefront technology with our own software solutions,” said Erik Fjellborg, Quinyx’s CEO and founder.

“AI and automation is the future for companies needing ROI across their WFM process. This acquisition will catapult our product offering, accelerate our progress and offer ‘best-in-class’ WFM AI solutions to the market.

“We already share a close relationship, customers and a common vision to help businesses revolutionise their labour scheduling. This merger was a natural fit and we cannot wait to leverage Widget Brain’s outstanding machine learning and AI know-how to deliver the best and most innovative offering to the market.”

The acquisition will also bring brands such as commercial cleaning company Facilicom and tank storage company Royal Vopak into the Quinyx portfolio. Widget Brain’s global team and offices will be integrated with Quinyx.

Joachim Arts, Widget Brain’s CEO said:

“We built an awesome piece of AI that helps our customers make better employee schedules. It’s really taking automation in operational decision-making to the next level. In Quinyx, we have found the perfect partner who is as passionate as we are about giving employees and employers the best schedules ever made.”

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