Everything happening at the World Economic Forum 2018 that Davos speakers didn’t mention

By Jack Rear

As the World Economic Forum (WEF) comes to a close, there’s still plenty of news buzz around the event. It’s no wonder, considering wealth and power of the Davos 2018 speakers.

From US president Donald Trump’s plans to visit the UK to Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ enthusiasm about the future of healthcare to Merkel’s warnings about the dangers of populism; Davos 2018 has set the global agenda for the coming year.

Reporters in Davos have run themselves ragged trying to report on all the developments. It’s fair to say that there have been plenty of statements that will change the world.

And it’s not only on traditional media that we’ve heard grand statements. Social media has also lit up with tweets from the event. Of course, the majority of these have been very dignified, important, and serious. There are a few that are slightly less so, however.

Here are just a few of the best stories tweeted from Davos over the past week.

Someone finally managed to take a bad photo of Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi was left out in the cold

Trump got some beefed up security

Trump admitted he’d never seen a piece of paper before

Theresa May’s interview failed to impress but did lead to a nice punchline

US secretary of state Rex Tillerson had some dinner table drama

There were some delightful Trump parodies out there


People were very taken with the appearance of Indian legend, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan

George Bush’s deputy press secretary clearly had an axe to grind with a certain technology innovation



Meanwhile others couldn’t get enough


Some people fought against the stereotype of Davos attendees being uncaring monsters

Others battled the stereotype that business and pleasure shouldn’t mix

Unfortunately, others were much happier to play up to the stereotypes

This guy evidently hadn’t realised Davos was in Switzerland when he booked his ticket

But these guys prepared

The weather made transport a little interesting, and some visitors were absolutely thrilled


And the cold gave rise to some new forms of trading economies

Young people weren’t particularly as impressed

Overall though, it was business as usual. Business cards were swapped

People offered ground-shaking insights

Some offered important life advice


But the absolute most important update from Davos came from NBC photographer, Paul Rigney

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