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April 10, 2019updated 17 Jun 2019 10:31am

Future gym clothes: High-tech leggings aren’t snake oil, but they’re not magic either

By Chloe Kent

Upmarket activewear has seen a surge in popularity over recent years as companies work to make future gym clothes a reality. Once largely the domain of only the most enthusiastic athletes, it’s now hard to enter a gym, office space or supermarket without a sea of prominently-branded, legging clad limbs to greet you.

The global sportswear market was valued at $174bn in 2018, and it’s expected to continue growing to $220bn by 2024. In an effort to stand out in this growing and increasingly competitive market, manufacturers have been making ambitious claims about the abilities of their products.

Many sports tights now promise not only to be comfortable during exercise, but to actively enhance the wearer’s workout. Future gym clothes are, at least on paper, here.

High-tech leggings in review: Putting future gym clothes to the test

From garments which supposedly reflect infrared radiation into the body of the wearer to targeted muscular compression technology, Verdict has taken a closer look at some products which have been making particularly bold statements about their abilities.

We’ve delved into the science behind the marketing and taken the leggings for a spin, to try and separate the fact from the fiction.

Take a look over the next few pages to find reviews of some of the leading types of high-tech leggings being targeted at gym-goers, or use the following links to access each section directly:

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